Light Rail Day 2017 - i Aarhus d. 11-12/9
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Light Rail Day 2017 - i Aarhus d. 11-12. september

Nyt og endeligt program for Light Rail Day - konferencen d. 11-12.09.2017 i Aarhus.

Monday, 11.09.2017

10:30 We will start the Light Rail Day by driving to the depot of Aarhus Letbane. There will be a guided tour, we will have the opportunity to see and study the new trams in the workshop and the OCC.

After a short break, where there will be served a little lunch, we continue in busses along the route of the tram in Aarhus. This bus-trip is arranged due to the fact, that Aarhus Letbane unfortunately not have been given permission to drive with passengers before the official opening day, the 23rd of September. Going by bus, we will be given the possibility to stop at the University and the Hospital to take a closer look at the tracks and infrastructure.

Back at the Hotel Scandic there will be very interesting speaches held by:

Luise Pape Rydahl, Centermanager, Department Technique and Environment Aarhus City "Light rail - urban Development perspectives for Aarhus"

Jørgen Hansen, Construction Manager Aarhus Letbane "Special challenges: Building Denmarks first light rail system"

Julian Barter, OCC Manager, Keolis Aarhus "Operation Control Center - from zero to 100"

Ian Cushion, General Manager Keolis Grand River, Canada "New LRT in the Canadian context - Financing, Freight and Frustrations"

19:00 Networking dinner at the hotel

Tuesday, 12.09.2017

Conference with lectures at the hotel “Scandic Aarhus City“, Østergade 10, 8000 Aarhus C

08:30 Registration starts

08:55 Welcome

We are very proud to announce several international and brilliant speakers, who will contribute with their professional experience and know how.

The speakers of Light Rail Day Conference in Aarhus 12.09.2017 will be:

Engineer Johannes Yezbek, Working Group “Safety” - UITP Light Rail Committee, Head of department tramway operation, Wiener Linien, Austria "Leadership and communication with driving staff – An important factor for decreasing operational incidents"

Simcha Ohrenstein, Chief Technical Officer, Jerusalem Transportation Masterplan Team, Israel “Delays in Light Rail Projects and what you can learn from that”

Engineer Michael Rüffer, Betriebsleiter, VGF Traffic Company Frankfurt/Main, Germany “We continue Driving on sight”

Engineer David Keay, Railway Tramway Engineering, United Kingdom “Maintaining safety in the public domain”

Engineer Reinhold Schröter, Betriebsleiter BOStrab, Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen, Germany “Level Crossings for Pedestrians – Safety Considerations of a Man-Machine Interface”

Engineer Eckert Fritz, Project Manager, IFB-Institut für Bahntechnik, Dresden, Germany “Tampere Light Rail Project, Challenges of Traction Power Supply, part City Center - Hervanta”

Jesper Hansen, Fire Captain, Østjylland Fire Department, Aarhus, Denmark “Fire Brigade prepares for a new City Tram in town – but who is listening?”

Stephan Marstrander, Student of Mobility + Transportation at the TU Braunschweig “Safety in the Interaction Between Light Rail and Other Road Users”

Jimmy Schmincke, Project manager Variobahn, Bergen/Norway “Starting a light rail system in a Nordic country”

Patrick Sefzik, Stadler Pankow GmbH, Berlin/Germany „Bringing the suburbs closer to the city, Tram-train concept from Stadler“

16:45 End of conference

Sunday, 10.09.2017

17:00 For those participants who already have arrived in Aarhus, there is the option of taking part in an event hosted by ”Letbaner.DK” (Lightrail.dk) with a small exhibition.

At 18:00 we are going for a pleasant walk in the inner city, to see some sights as well as the new Light Rail Line in the renewed harbour district.

At 19:00 We will end up at the Irish Pub - Tir Na Nog – not far from the hotel.

Conference Fees

The price for registration is 4.960, - DKK net (ca. 665,- € net) for both days and 4.640,- DKK net (ca. 620,- € net) for participation on Tuesday only. Go to our website www.lightrailday.com to sign up.

3 Days Study Trip to Germany in October 2017

Light Rail Day offers a three-day study trip in cooperation with “Stadtbahngestaltung” and Stephan Besier, to Leipzig, Chemnitz und Zwickau in Germany from 22. -24.10.2017. The experienced guides Bernd Reuß and Stephan Besier have prepared a very interesting program. Stephan has worked as designer and planner for years on many projects in Leipzig and Chemnitz to develop the transport systems and look at Urban integration. You will see how trams operate in narrow streets, bicycle solutions, share space with cars and experience what has been done to reduce negative effects of mix use to speed up tram operations. We discover how they challenge the barrier free access and we will visit design solutions, overhead pole, green tracks and new stops.

We will discuss safety aspects with people from transport companies or city officials, right on the spot. More information and details on how to register can be found on the Light Rail Day homepage under the heading “Study Trip“.



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Vi holder Åbent Hus Søndag 10/9 kl. 17-18

Mød Letbaner.DK på konferencehotellet: Scandic Aarhus City

Kl 17-18: Kom og få en snak og se vores nye udstilling.

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Kl 18-19: Vi går en rundtur til havnen for at bese letbaneanlægget og slutter på en Irsk Pub.

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