Urban Tramway Infrastructure
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Urban Tramway Infrastructure

Det tekniske seminar om bysporvogne og stoppesteder, afholdes d. 16. maj 2017 i København.

On 16.05.2017 Light Rail Day is holding a technical seminar for “Urban Tramway Infrastructure“ with emphasis on city tram stops. Speakers from several countries will offer examples from various countries in Europe, including France, Denmark and Sweden.


  • Engineer Jan GROSSE BEILAGE, TTK, Lyon, France "Integration of tramway infrastructure in streetscape"
  • Torben Heinemann, Leipzig, Germany "How bicycles and trams can become friends"
  • Engineer Stefan Schwarzbach, Dresden, Germany "PuT-stops in Cost-Benefit-Analysis, examples for Scandinavia"
  • Markus Podbregar, Berlin, Germany "The networked tram stop"
  • Stephan Besier, Leipzig, Germany "Urban Design Of City Tram Stops In France"
  • Engineer Thomas Flügge, Dresden, Germany "PuT-stops in different stages of planning proces"
  • Britta Degn, Aarhus Letbane I/S, Denmark "City Tram stops in Aarhus"
  • Engineer Martin Lindahl, Stockholm, Sweden "Integration and Safety aspects in the Planning Phase – examples from Stockholm"
  • Lise Holm, Hovedstadens Letbane I/S, Copenhagen "Hovedstadens Letbane - Design of light rail stations in Copenhagen"

In addition the participants in Copenhagen will receive the newly published book “Design of Urban Tramway Infrastructure“ (a manual for urban architectural integration). The book has a value of approximately 50 € and is included in the participation fee.

The seminar will take place a day after the large Danish rail conference. So if you are already in Copenhagen why not take opportunity to stay on an extra day and participate in our technical seminar.

Visit www.lightrailday.com for more information.

Save the Date for Light Rail Day 2017 in Aarhus

We already have a Preview of Light Rail Day
11. -12.09.2017 in Aarhus/Denmark on Lightrailday.com.

Sunday, 10.09.2017

17:00 // For those participants already in town, there is the option of taking part in an event hosted by ”Letbaner.dk” (Lightrail.dk) with a small exhibition. At
18:00 // we are going for a pleasant walk in the inner city, to see some sights as well as the new Light Rail Line in the renewed harbour district.
19:00 // We will end up at the Irish Pub - Tir Na Nog – not far from the hotel.

Monday, 11.09.2017

10:30 // Light Rail Day begins. A tram will transport the participants through the newly built system and will finish in the depot that we are visiting. The local partners will then introduce themselves there. It has not been decided whether the “Nordic Light Rail Prize“ will be awarded again yet.

19:00 // Networking dinner at the hotel

Tuesday, 12.09.2017

Conference with lectures at the hotel “Scandic Aarhus City“, Østergade 10, DK-8000 Aarhus C

From the Event Manager – About Us

Bernd Reuss still retains his role as the Event Manager of Light Rail Day. His company “Goodtranslations.dk ApS” has been renamed as “LightRailDay.com ApS”. Nothing else has changed - postal address, phone number and even the VAT no. of the company remain the same.

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